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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 500 MG has the potential to: -Promotes relaxation - offers relief for sleeping disorders -Enhances focus and increase attention span -Reduce inflammation -Relieve for joint and muscle aches -Support normal blood sugar level -boosts the immune system -Reduce head and neck tension -Improve daytime mental alertness at mild doses. -Soothes irritated skin -Aids digestion and support urinary tract health DIRECTIONS: -Open the bottle and remove the dropper -Squeeze the dropper to let the force of air pull liquid into the pipet portion - Ensure that amount of liquid in the dropper correlates to the serving size on the bottle so that you can accurately measure out the dose. -Placed the dropper under your tongue (subliminally) and squeeze the top to disperse the liquid into mouth. Allow the product to rest under the tongue for less than seconds before swallowing. Do this for every dose, usually twice a day or as directed by a healthcare professional. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. SUMMARY: The best way to take CBD Oil: CBD Oil uses vary from person to person and what works best for you is ultimately what we feel is best. Trying different products for different applications should be seen as part of the fun. It's so Versatile! This being said here we feel the ultimate best way to take CBD oil is: -Secure your suggestive dosage -Take your CBD oil subliminally first this is the optimal CBD oil experience.


CBD Age Spot Care & Brightening Cream * after you cleanse your face, place Small amt of cream in palm of hand gentle apply to face and neck. -Helps combat age spot -Helps skin appear smoother, brighter and younger looking -Effective in lightening and brightening skin tone -Nourishes and soothes skin with botanical ingredients -Use daily to help restore your skins natural - Ingredients inhibit the enzyme that controls melanin production which helps fade dark spots


CBD HAIR MASQUE   -Help support healthy hair -Hydrates hair and scalp -Increase natural softness and shine -Promotes hair elasticity moisture retention and flexibility -Helps strengthen hair roots -Provides maximum conditioning for your hair -Helps to promote hair growth -Great for damaged hair -Can be used on all hair types -Safe for color-treated hair


CBD INTENSIVE RELIEF RUB   -Reduce inflammation -Reduces stiffness -Supports the immune system -Relieve discomforts of joint and minor muscle aches -Reduce head and neck tension discomfort -Promotes relaxation -Improve skin health -Relieve stress -For a natural method of relieving the discomfort of aches and muscle spasm that many of us suffer either from intense workouts at the gym or for chronic aches from joint fatigue then CBD intensive Relief Rub Cream is a must have supplement at your disposal. The 100% organic Broad spectrum hemp cream helps with swelling, stiffness, joints and muscle discomforts, and can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Just apply this natural hemp cream topically to your skin and enjoy intense relief. Massage in a circular motion, let cream sit for a few seconds. Repeat as necessary but not more than 3 to 4 times per day. Avoid contact with mucus areas such as eyes, mouth and nose, store in a cool dry place. Wash hands after use.


-Removes dirt, excess oil and reduces shine. -Penetrates pores while nourishing skin with natural extracts -Helps maintain healthy skin -Restores skin health and support anti-aging properties -Immediately relieves and soothes skin -Supports and regulate skin oil production


CBD WEIGHT LOSS ORAL SPRAY   -Promotes fat loss -Helps to lose weight -Reduces appetite -Helps reduce caloric intake -Supports normal blood sugar -Enhanced with Garcinia Cambogia -Increases metabolism -Convenient for on-the-go weight management! Easy to carry and to have when traveling.


20 mg CBD Neck & Decollete   -Nourishes and rehydrates skin -Great for neck, shoulder and chest areas -Restores softness and make skin feel smoother -Provides deep hydration with no greasy or sticky feeling. -Firms skin and restores youthful appearance. -Boots your skin's elasticity from age and sun damage. -Help reduce visible signs of aging.